Week 2 – The Toolbelt Theory.

The toolbelt theory in my mind is an array of tools a person uses or may need to use to survive in this ever changing world with advancing technologies. Ira Socol (2009) defines humans as “tool makers and tool users”. So therefor we must teach our students to use tools that are current to our society and will be useful in the real world. Tools are often used in classrooms to assist students with disabilities but why are they not made available to all students?

Is it true to say all students in there future will use ICTs and a varying array of tools will be needed for them to succeed in the workforce?

In my view it is highly important we as teachers begin to equip our students with a tool belt of relevant and current tools that they can effectively use to assist in everyday life. Keeping in mind each student is different they need to know and be able to use many different tools with different assistive outcomes.


Socol.I (2009). The Toolbelt and Universal Design – Education For Everyone. Retrieved on March 5, 2013 from http://speedchange.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_2046.html

Week 1 – What is Pedagogy?

The term pedagogy has many broad definitions. So I ask myself to me what do I believe pedagogy is. Please note my view is related to pedagogy in the primary school sector.

I see pedagogy as being nearly every aspect of teaching (minus the content). I believe it is the teaching methods we use, the tools we use, the behaviour management approaches we take, the relationships we form, the way we use the enviroment we teach in  and the way we use the diversity of our students to form our lessons and units of work.

I understand everyone will have different views on what pedagogy is and I would love to hear some of them. Please comment below with your own view/definition of pedagogy in education.

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Hi and thanks for visiting to my blog. I am new to the world of blogging but am hoping to build my profesional learning network. Any ideas on how to make my blog better would be greatly appreciated.

I am a preservice educator currently in my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Education- primary schooling at the University of Queensland. I have worked in childcare and coordinate an outside of school hours care service for many years. I was also lucky enough to teach for a short time in a kindy in China. Whilst I always try to incorporate ICT’s into teaching to engage the children and enhance the learning experience I am looking to increase my knowledge and abilities to improve my teaching and learning.

Just recently my family grew to 3 when my husband and I welcomed our first baby boy in July 2012.

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